Fix BMW Oil Leak If your BMW is leaking oil the engine is trying to tell you there is a mechanical issue that needs your attention.  More than just the stains on your driveway an oil leak can be a fire risk for your engine. If you are near Chandler Arizona, bring your car to us at Beyer Motor Works for an oil leak fix as soon as possible.

BMW Oil Leak Symptoms

  • You see a dark wet patch on the ground where you park your BMW
  • You need to add oil before your scheduled oil change
  • Your Check Oil Light comes on
These are all symptoms of a possible Oil Leak.

Possible Locations of the Oil Leak

Valve Cover Gasket

The valve cover gasket often wears out and needs to be replaced.

Crankshaft Seal

Most common area of oil leaks come from the crankshaft area.  There are mechanical seals on both ends of the crankshaft.  These wear out over time and need to be replaced.

Timing Chain Cover

Timing chains have a cover over them to keep the oil inside of the engine area.  This gasket can also wear out and is a possible source of an oil leak that needs to be checked.

Oil Pan Damage

The underside of the oil pan should be checked for damaged that can be caused by running over debris in the road. This can cause damage to the oil pan and become a source of an oil leak.

Oil Filler Cap

If the filler cap is loose, broken or missing the oil will leak out while the vehicle is running.

BMW Oil Leak Repair Service

These are just some of the areas we check.  There are other possible locations of oil leaks as well.  If needed, a diagnostic test can be performed by adding dye to the engine oil.  The engine is run to pump the dye through the system.  A special light will be used to show the trail of the dye through the engine and the source of the BMW oil leak can be discovered. At Beyer Motor Works, mechanics are trained to find the source of your oil leak.  If you have any of the above symptoms of an oil leak on your BMW call us today to schedule an oil leak fix in Chandler Arizona.