Motor oil is quite possibly the single most important component, fluid or material for your engine. Oil protects your engine by lubricating moving parts, it cools critical engine parts by transferring heat away, and it keeps internal engine components clean while protecting them from harmful deposits and varnish.
Eventually, however, the oil needs to be changed because it can no longer perform these tasks effectively. With time and mileage, your oil’s additives are used up to the point where your engine oil begins to degrade. This is where your oil needs to be changed. If not, your engine will begin to see a build up of sludge. Lucky for you, these contaminants are removed after we drain your oil.

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Synthetic or Conventional Oil

  • We recommend synthetic oil change intervals every 5,000 miles or 6 months.
  • Conventional oil change intervals are typically done every 3,000 miles or 3 months.

Urban driving conditions in Chandler AZ, combined with excessive heat and dust do meet the definition of “extreme driving conditions”.

Additionally, we feel it is important to have a service professional check the vehicle at least twice per year. Tire pressure and condition, including fluid levels, are often forgotten by owners with busy schedules.

Beyer Motor Works includes a comprehensive 25-point vehicle inspection with every oil service to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable.  Schedule an Appointment Today!

Beyer Motor Works Proudly Uses Castrol and Total Engine Oils

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