You’ve probably heard the phrase, “they don’t make ’em like they used to”. Your BMW, Mini Cooper, or Volvo’s battery contradicts this phrase 100%. Lead-acid battery technology has been in existence for decades because to this day it benefits you more than a majority of other components. Many newer BMW’s utilize AGM (absorbent gas mat) construction batteries which require replacement with the same type. It’s pretty cool when you stop to think about it. Your vehicle’s battery:

-Can last up to 4 years before it wears out

-Is highly valuable considering how relatively inexpensive it is

-Can withstand harsh environmental conditions. Things like temperature changes, harsh vibrations, and substantial electrical loads.

Batteries take a beating from the Arizona heat. To ensure maximum reliability and to avoid getting stranded, we recommend replacing your battery every three to four years depending on the model of your vehicle.

All BMW’s with CBS (condition based service) require specific batteries that must be registered/programmed to the vehicle for proper operation of the electrical and charging systems.

Those days of installing your own battery from the local parts store are long gone.