Why you need a Wheel Alignment

Don’t take vehicle alignment for granted, it can really end up costing you. Getting the alignment done for your BMW or Mini Cooper will improve your car’s handling, gas mileage, and tire wear.

Poor alignment can cause damage to your tires and shorten their life dramatically with premature wear. A properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to the life of your tires.  Proper wheel alignment also gives you better gas mileage. A properly aligned and inflated wheel will reduce rolling resistance.  When all of your car’s components are in alignment, bumps, ruts and road shock are better absorbed delivering a smooth ride with better handling.

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Why do your wheels need to be aligned?

Your tires are made of tough durable rubber.  The problem is that even tough rubber which carries a couple thousand pounds and moves at 70+ MPH get worn down. Tires wear down even faster if your right and left tires are not working together and pointing exactly straight down the road. If they are off by a couple millimeters it can drastically affect how fast your tires wear. This changes the safety of your vehicle which is a big concern.

Top 5 Signs You Need an Alignment.

  1.    Your steering wheel is not centered
  2.    Your vehicle pulls to the left or the right as you’re driving
  3.    You notice abnormal tire wear in certain spots on your tires
  4.    The handling feels loose or wiggly when driving
  5.    Your steering wheel doesn’t return to center after a turn
If you are experiencing any of those symptoms or just want to ask wheel alignment questions. Give us a call today we are always happy to help answer any auto repair or service questions!

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