Your BMW or Mini Cooper’s air conditioner diminishes heat and humidity from within the passenger compartment, and in Arizona, this is a MUST HAVE. You can’t drive around Arizona without an operational A/C. Or at least, you shouldn’t. The air conditioning is powered by a belt and compresses your vehicle’s refrigerant and pumps it through the A/C system. The car’s refrigerant is squeezed through a valve that reduces temperature and pressure simultaneously. Now the refrigerant is cool and can safely travel through an evaporator and into your vehicle’s passenger compartment. This provides cool air into your vehicle so that you can withstand the heat and actually breathe in your car no matter where you live. Your car repeats this cycle constantly to provide you the cool air you need.

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Beyer Motor Works A/C Service Includes:

  • Check for cracks and/or damage to the drive belt of your A/C Compressor
  • Scan HVAC module for faults and check key operating parameters
  • Check all accessible components for any possible leaks and/or damage
  • Inspect the air conditioning compressor’s functionality and any additional components
  • Recover refrigerant from within your vehicle’s system
  • Perform a vacuum test to your vehicle’s system
  • Using the proper refrigerant we will recharge the entire air conditioning system
  • Inspect cooling fans for proper operation

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