The suspension system on your BMW or Mini Cooper is in many ways superior to those on other vehicles. That’s because its primary responsibility is your comfort and safety during complex maneuvering, bumps on the road, vibrations, pretty much anything you can think of that might normally cause you discomfort or to deprive you of a smoother ride. So when you’re enjoying an incredibly smooth ride one day, maybe look down towards the base of your car and say, “thank you, suspension system!”

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Alright, alright we know you’re probably not going to do that. Despite you feeling your drive is quite smooth, there are integral components of your vehicle’s suspension system that take a beating and eventually become worn. These components are shocks and struts. When worn, they can dramatically impact the feel of your vehicle when the wheels ride the road and cause hazardous swaying. Other factors of a worn suspension system that can jeopardize your safety are hydroplaning, compromised road holding or handling, and overall deteriorating performance.
Let’s look at shocks or struts mathematically. Over the course of 50,000 miles, your machine’s shocks and struts will have cycled through about 85 million times. With that kind of work, the internal components will be worn down as well. So take a look at your odometer. Is it past the 50,000-mile mark? If so, it’s time for Beyer Motor Works to take a look at your suspension system and its components. You need to know you’re safe on the road while maintaining control over your vehicle’s maneuvering, and enjoying the smooth ride your BMW or Mini Cooper was built to provide.

If you’re not past the 50,000-mile mark but are experiencing any of the following problems, it’s time to come see the specialists at Beyer Motor Works:

  • Your vehicle’s front end seems to dip down when braking
  • Your vehicle’s front end seems to lift upward when accelerating
  • You feel as though you’re swaying during turns
  • You notice excess bouncing, pulling, or sliding during maneuvering
  • You feel as though your steering wheel is off or crooked
  • You notice the tread on your tires is unevenly worn down

Keep in mind that your suspension system may not always show visible signs of wear and tear.


Replacing your BMW or Mini Cooper’s suspension system, shocks, and struts to factory standards will give you better control when maneuvering, better vehicle stability, enhanced safety and comfort, and shorter braking distance.


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