Mini Cooper fans are meant to boost the circulation of air around the radiator to ensure the engine cooling system is well cooled. The mini copper fans should speed up the process of cooling by driving fresh air into the radiator. Why does your Mini Cooper Fan stay on when I turn off the engine? The answer is simple; there is something wrong with the fan or the cooling system.

How should you a diagnosis and fix the problems?

Firstly, you need to check to see if the low-speed fan is broken. In case it is broken then it means that it does not come on when it is supposed to, therefore, the high-speed fan will have to kick on at a high temperature and will stay on even after parking. Secondly, your car could be low on coolant so there are a few things to check to figure out what is the cause. The most common cause is the coolant expansion tank failing. Fixing this problem is easy. This is not an expensive repair.

Additionally, you need to check the thermostat housing. The plastic material that makes this housing can warp allowing it to leak coolant. Another possible repair could be replacing the thermostat.  Make sure to check coolant hoses to ensure there are no leaks. Most people replace their hoses after 125 thousand miles because the ends could be beginning to get a bit brittle.

Why go for the best?

The reason for purchasing a Mini Cooper is to have fun driving it and to enjoy the engine power performance. Therefore if you need to service your vehicle you should make sure you are purchasing quality parts. Excellent high performance and excellent horsepower is a product of first-rate accessories used for replacement of worn out parts during servicing.

At Beyer Motor works we can check out all these issue for you, provide high quality parts, and get you back on the road enjoying your Mini Cooper.