Ah yes, the infamous ‘Check Engine Light’. Most late model vehicles have this cool little indicator light on the dashboard of the car to give us an early warning that there might be a mechanical engine problem that needs attention so that your car can continue to get you safely down the road. The Mini Cooper has a very advanced engine computer system that is constantly checking the performance of the engine to ensure that the engine is giving you, the driver, the best economic performance and power possible. There can be many mechanical situations that can cause the check engine light to come on. Some of the most common factors can be a catalytic converter issue. This is part of the engine exhaust system and helps your Mini Cooper to operate efficiently and help reduce the exhaust emissions. Sometimes the engine computer can also detect if the fuel gas cap is not securely in place on the gas tank. This simple problem can affect the performance of the engine and fuel economy. The engine computer can also keep track of the engine air filter, oil filter and other performance sensing devices on the engine need attention. When you bring your Cooper in for service, our Technicians will advise you of a burned out brake light, turn signal light, or headlight that is not working. Having these items replaced helps keep your vehicle safe to operate and keeps those flashing red and blue lights in the rearview mirror from showing up. Keep in mind, when you see the check engine light you should take it seriously and make an appointment to have your car checked.  But it might be a very easy fix or something more serious.  The sooner you get the issue resolved the better for your car so…. to be on the safe side, make sure to have your Mini Cooper routinely serviced at the proper interval. Bring your Mini Cooper into Beyer Motor Works and let our trained Certified Technicians get your Mini Cooper safely back on the road.