Before purchasing a vehicle, of any kind, it is really important to know what are common problems with the brand or the model that you will need to be aware of, whether that is mechanical, common recall notices or just little “glitches” that a brand might have – simple due diligence before making a major purchase is always helpful.

Mini Coopers are amazing vehicles! They are a lot of fun to zip around the road in while you are enjoying the compact size and modern amenities.

One of the more commonly noted issues that we’ve seen at Beyer Motor Works has to do with the electric power steering pump. These pumps were a subject of a recall and is more prone to failure, this failure can be caused by low power steering fluid or the electric cooling fan failing. If you are very lucky, your pump will still be covered by the recall or warranty and a dealership will do the repairs for you. Don’t let this alarm or deter you from making a purchase of your Mini, with regular maintenance and ensuring you take proper care of your vehicle – this car will take very good care of you.

Outside of the electric power steering pump, there aren’t a lot of common problems that are known with Mini Coopers. Like we said, these vehicles are great driving cars and are easy to maintain but the key to having a lasting vehicle is to ensure that you take proper care of your vehicle. Ensure you are getting the scheduled maintenance that are recommended by the manufacturer and if you are beginning to notice that the vehicle isn’t preforming up to proper standards, you are taking note so you can begin to narrow down what the issue might be with your Mini Cooper.

If you ever have any questions about your Mini Cooper or you feel it isn’t operating up to standard, give us a call at Beyer Motor Works – we are always happy to answer questions that you may have and give you peace of mind about your Mini Cooper.