BMW or Mini Cooper Tires Ready for Winter Chandler
Winter is coming!  At least according to the yearly calendar. Depending on where you live, winter can be more obvious by the weather conditions. Sometimes there aren’t that many signs that it is winter. Wherever you live, keeping your BMW or Mini Cooper in safe driving condition is important no matter what time of the year. Your car drives on wheels that safely get you down the road, and helps stop your vehicle.  You, as the driver, need to make sure that those tires are in good working order.

Tread Wear

It is important to check the tread wear on the tires. Make sure you have the safe amount of tire tread and that the tires are not wearing in-correctly. This can greatly impact the way your car can stop in the rain or snow.

Weather Conditions

If you are driving in snowy conditions, it is important to have snow chains for your tires.  You can enjoy a trip for skiing or just sitting in a cabin enjoying the snow without worrying about the drive.

Air Pressure

Another thing to check for is the tire air pressure. If there is not the right amount of air pressure in the tires, this will cause them to wear out sooner and can change the way your car stops safely.


Having the tires on your car rotated between three and four thousand miles of wear will greatly increase the life and wear of the tires. This can save you money and keep your vehicle safe.


There are a couple other things to keep track of on your car. One is wheel alignments. Wheel alignments are necessary to help your car drive down the road correctly without pulling to the left or right. This will help reduce the wear on your tires. If you are feeling a pull to the left or right in the steering wheel, that could be an indication to have the alignment checked. Also if you feel the car kind of swerve when you apply the brakes, this could be an indicator to have the brakes checked for wear. If you haven’t had your wheels checked lately, make an appointment and let our Certified, Trained mechanics service your BMW or Mini Cooper’s needs to keep you save on the road.