Yes, if you are old enough to know what that means or what movie that line is from, congratulations!

I remember my childhood family road trips, and vacations. One of the time passing games was trying to figure out what crop the farmer was growing in the fields as we drove along the interstates. More on what you can see growing alongside interstate 10 in Arizona later.

Is your car ready for the Road trip?

Before you head out for that family road trip in your BMW or Mini Cooper, or just a weekend getaway, it is a good idea to check some basic vehicle maintenance to make sure that your car is ready to operate at safe and peak performance.

Oil and other fluids

In your car are several different types of fluids that help your vehicle run correctly on that road trip.  The major fluid is engine oil. This oil allows all the internal metal parts of the engine to operate safely. Other engine fluids are power steering fluid which assists the steering system on the car. The radiator has a visible reservoir to check the fluid level. All these different fluids are easily checked before the road trip when the engine is cool. These different fluids usually have a measuring dip stick that shows the correct level of oil or fluid.


The tires on your car are what the car rides on to get you safely on that road trip. It’s important to maintain the correct air pressure in the tires to get the best vehicle performance and fuel mileage. Also it’s important to have dependable tires on your BMW or Mini Cooper.

Other items you should check

Other necessary parts on the car for that road trip are dependable windshield wipers. These  and windshield washer fluid.

Beyer Motor Works

Bring your BMW or Mini Cooper in and we can check the tires, fluid levels and windshield wiper blades and get your vehicle ready for that road trip.

What Crops are Grown along Interstate 10 in Arizona

The some of the food crops harvested in Arizona are Leafy greens, cabbage, melons, lemons, oranges, apples, potatoes and tomatoes. The state also has a growing nut crop industry including Pistachio trees and pecan.

Most people can recognize a plant when it has fruit or flowers but how many can you recognize by the leaf and shape of the tree, at freeway speeds….

Here are some clues to get you started


These all look similar, especially when traveling at speed, but from left to right they are Tomato, Potato, Cantaloupe and Cabbage.  (You can click on the picture to make the image bigger)

Can you identify the following Trees?


These trees, from left to right. are Lemon, Apple, Pecan and Pistachio.

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We hope you enjoy your Road Trip!  Leave a comment below to share what you saw during your drive.