A number of car owners drive every day to and from work. Outside of that, they use their car for everything from vacations, errands, and activities with the family. As a car owner, it’s crucial you are able to rely on your vehicle. Let’s face it, when trouble starts showing up, even slightly, we all have a tendency to ignore it. A major problem many mistake for a minor issue is wheel alignment. It might start slow, with an angle just slightly off center, but over time, it can pose some big issues. Make sure you understand the importance of proper wheel alignment in your vehicle.

Importance of Proper Wheel Alignment

Tire Wear and Tear

The main thing you want to avoid with improper wheel alignment is uneven wear and tear of your car’s tires. At perfect alignment, your tires should be hitting the pavement at the same angle. When this doesn’t happen, certain parts of the tires lose tread faster. Likewise, regular driving can start to take a larger toll on certain parts of your tires before others, leading to hazards when dealing with rain, sleet, or snow. Finally, when your tires wear at a different rate of speed, they are much more likely to last less time then designed.


When alignment issues are present in your vehicle, it’s likely the result of a pothole, curb, or some sort of bump. In some cases, it might not even occur after a little accident. The vehicle might just need an alignment from normal driving. In a lot of ways, cars need tuneups like people need checkups. This includes wheel alignments every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. Without a regular alignment, you might notice issues in your car’s handling. For example, when making a turn, your car may feel like it it’s dragging behind the turn of the steering wheel. In that case, it’s likely time for an alignment.


Any issue with alignment can put you and your passengers at risk. When tires are hitting the pavement differently, there’s no guarantee they’re ready for sudden breaks or swerves out of the way of danger. To avoid these safety concerns, get your car aligned regularly, and especially when an issue is present.


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