One problem that you are more than likely to experience with your BMW is the high-pressure fuel pump failing. This is a piece of machinery that compress the fuel that is supplied into the fuel pump in order to bring up the pressure to the required high pressure. This high pressure is needed when injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber to ensure that the engine runs efficiently. The high-pressure fuel pump in your BMW may malfunction and fail as a result of several reasons which we will discuss here!

Losing power when accelerating or going uphill

One sign that is a good indicator that you fuel pump is failing is when you have difficulty accelerating, going uphill or carrying heavy loads all require the car to burn more fuel. When you are burning more fuel than necessary the fuel pump to put in more work in order to keep up. Having trouble in these situations could be a sign of fuel pump failure.

Failure of the engine to start

Have you ever tried to start your car and the lights all come on and you can hear the engine trying to turn over, but nothing happens? This is a good sign that the fuel pump failed completely, it will not be able to inject fuel into the combustion chamber at all. This will automatically lead to a complete stop of the car since no fuel will be reaching the engine to run it.

Surge in the engine

Driving down the road, minding your own business and suddenly your car takes off like it has a mind of its own, has this ever happened to you? This is called surging; this is when the car accelerates even when you have not pressed the gas pedal. It happens because when the fuel pump starts to fail, the parts will wear out at different rates creating a mismatch of combustion that causes the pressure in the engine to be inconsistent. These inconsistencies can cause a surge, which can be very dangerous when driving

Car jerking when accelerating

This might sound like surging, but it is a little different. This is when the engine stutters in the process of acceleration, the pump is likely to be failing, almost like the engine is stuttering. This stutter or jerking is caused by the failure of the fuel pump to inject fuel into the engine consistently due to the irregular pressure in the pump. While the situation may only last a moment before going back to normal for a while, this is a sign that you need to check the fuel pump in your BMW.

If you are seeing any of these signs, make an appointment with us at Beyer Motor Works, today to get your fuel pump looked at – with this particular piece of your BMW’s engine it is better to play it safe than sorry.