You may have paid a fortune for your luxury car, but its shine and freshness will not last forever. Irrespective of your love for your BMW, it will experience wear and tear with time. But prompt BMW repairs and regular maintenance will ensure its fuel efficiency and reliability. While repair and maintenance demand time and money, it is a worthy investment. Bringing your BMW to a professional will help you avoid costly emergency services later.

Here are some excellent car maintenance tips for proud BMW owners –

Check the Fluids Regularly

The fluids need to be clean and at the right levels for your BMW to function properly. You must regularly check the oil, brake, coolant, power steering, transmission, and windshield washer fluid levels and even top them off when needed. When driving your car out of a parking spot, you notice puddles; it could indicate that your BMW is leaking. have your car inspected by a technician to prevent further damage.

Inspect the BMW Battery

You do not want to get stuck in the middle of the road with a dead battery. You should check the battery cables regularly and ensure they are properly attached. Check for any leakage and corrosion around the battery cables and terminals. If you notice any dirt and debris build-up, clean it with water and baking soda. Take your BMW to a professional technician for a battery check once every six months.

Examine the Tires

Every few months, inspect the tires and check on their tread for cracks or bulges. Regular tire rotations can help prevent uneven tread wear and prolong your tires’ life. It is important to replace the BMW’s tires if they are worn down. Ensure your car’s tires are properly inflated, as it prevents wear and tear and increases fuel efficiency.

Wash & Wax Your BMW

A good wash every couple of weeks will not only make your car look great but also protects its paint. Road dirt, tree sap, bird droppings, and other elements can cause more damage than you might think. To help protect the paint, wax your car twice a year, as it works as a shield that prevents nicks and scratches.

Do Not Ignore Odd Sounds or Odors

Any unusual sound or odor can be a sign of trouble, which may mean your BMW is not working as it should. It could be due to a minor problem or something major. It is best to have your car inspected by a professional to rule out any problems.

We understand luxury cars have a unique composition that should be only serviced by trained and licensed technicians. Beyer Motor Works have expert technicians who are experienced in taking excellent care of BMWs and carrying out BMW repairs. We can help keep your vehicle running at an optimal level as if it were our own. Stop by our shop at 300 S. 79th Street, Chandler, Arizona, or call (480) 961-9449 so we can schedule an appointment for your BMW’s next repair and maintenance service.