It can be disheartening to see, but it happens: your BMW is running fine, but suddenly the check engine light pops on. Something that worries many people is the sheer amount of possibilities as to what the light could be trying to warn you of, so rather than panic and assume the worst, this article should help you find some peace of mind, and more importantly, a strategy for handling the situation next time your BMW’s check engine light comes on.

What is a Check Engine Light Warning?

If you run into this problem, you’ll see one of two warning lights: a Service Engine Soon (SES) or Check Engine Soon Light (CEL). These do not mean the end is near, nor are they necessarily reasons to panic and plan for a huge repair cost.

Where is this coming from?

These warnings pop up through the Digital Motor Electronics system in your BMW when something seems wrong with your engine’s full functionality or potentially your emissions system. These might sound fairly serious, and they can be, but the fact of the matter is that the check engine light is only a part of the warning.

Understanding the Diagnostic Trouble Codes

A check engine light is only half of the warning your BMW sends to your dashboard when an engine or emissions issue is detected. The check engine light stays on because it is drawing your attention to a more detailed, clear message using your vehicle’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes. A Diagnostic Trouble Code is a specific set of numbers and characters that your vehicle releases to allow a service technician to know where to look for trouble. This speeds up the process of identifying the issue, servicing the vehicle, and removing the check engine light.

What Do I Do Now?

The automotive team at Beyer can read your BMW’s Diagnostic Trouble Codes utilizing a scanner to pinpoint what exactly your vehicle needs serviced. They know it’s scary when something seems wrong with your car, but they’re here to help you get the problem solved immediately. While you may have a scanner at home, the Beyer team can read and service your vehicle, utilizing their expertise and experience to get your BMW back on the road, check engine light-free, as soon as possible.