BMW is a high-performance vehicle, who has created a better way for you to take even better control of your BMW while driving it. This is through the new Adaptive Suspension. With this feature, BMW has effectively engineered a way for you to adjust the ride of your BMW to meet all your driving needs, no matter what they are. There are different modes that you can use to achieve these goals and using the system is easy once you are behind the wheel. Adaptive suspension isn’t a new idea or concept for vehicles, it has been around for a while now. However, BMW was able to take an old concept and rejuvenated it into a beautiful design of smooth and controlled power between firm and smooth rides – all with the click of a button on the dash or the wheel. BMW cars that are outfitted with adaptive suspension normally are a better ride than the average vehicle. Especially if the car is outfitted with a larger wheel base, the ease of being able to take a corner with speed and accuracy. The feeling is exhilarating! Manufacturers have a variety of methods of controlling the firmness of a car’s chassis. Conventional oil-filled dampers can have a valve system to alter the amount of oil in the damper, changing the force it takes to compress the damper and thus how comfortable or firm the ride is. A technically similar (but generally more expensive) solution involves using “air springs” – force more air in and the ride will be firmer, whereas taking pressure out will improve comfort levels. The three different modes that you can choose from include comfort mode, sport mode, and sport mode plus. If you are looking for a more relaxed ride, then comfort mode is the one to choose. With this mode, the dampers are balanced out on uneven roads. At the same time, the vibrations are lessened for a smoother experience on the road. These two combined makes for a very smooth ride that will allow you to relax and enjoy the journey even more. On the other end, if you are looking for something a bit more sport based, then the sport mode is calling your name. While using this mode, the dampers are tightened, and you get a more athletic suspension. If you have any other questions about what your suspension can do for you, call us at Beyer Motor Works. We are here to answer all your questions for you!