Mini Coopers are amazing cars and fun to drive. They are quite sporty and look cool. Sometimes the car is trying to tell the driver that it needs some mechanical attention. The good part is that there are some beeps and noises to let the driver know when it is time. A beeping or clicking sound coming from your Mini Cooper is notifying you that something needs your attention, but what? Our trained and certified technicians can help you figure out the problem. There are many things that could be causing these sounds. Some of them are simple solutions and easy fixes, or they could be indications of a more serious problem.  Here is a quick check list so you can describe it to our trained technicians.

Here are some things for you to take notice of:

  • When does the sound occur
  • When you are starting the car
  • When the car is cold
  • When the car is hot
  • When you are making a turn in the vehicle
  • When you are accelerating
The more information the Technicians have, the easier to diagnose the problem and recommend repair solutions to resolve the problem.

Where do you hear the sound?

  • Is it coming from the dash
  • Does it sound like it is coming from the engine area
  • Is it from the back of the car

Here are some possible causes, and some of them are fairly easy solutions.

  • Is your phone connected to the cars Bluetooth system? It might be as simple as a phone warning like low phone battery or call waiting.  Try disconnecting your Bluetooth device and see if the sound goes away.
  • The Mini Cooper has an alarm that beeps if the exhaust system is in need of attention.
  • The catalytic converter is part of the exhaust system and if it is blocked or faulty the computer could be alerting you.
  • A broken wheel bearing sounds like a humming or buzzing sound and becomes louder as you drive. If you continue to ignore this sound it can eventually lead to additional more expensive wheel and tire maintenance.
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