BMW Hard To Start Chandler
Have you noticed that sometimes starting your BMW engine takes longer than usual? We like it when we turn the key in the ignition switch and hear that engine quickly come to life, a very satisfying feeling. Sometimes though it seems to sputter or hesitate to start. This can be more noticeable during cooler weather; and, usually when we are trying to get to work on time. So maybe it’s time to have a Certified Engine Repair Technician take a look at your car’s starting system. There are a few common reasons for hard starting; the good news is they are usually easily repaired. These are the basic starting components on every car
  • Battery
  • Battery cables
  • Ignition Switch
  • Alternator
  • Starter motor
First thing you should check is the starting battery. Over time they wear out and won’t hold a full charge to start the engine consistently. The Repair Technician will have the correct testing tools to make a correct evaluation. This is also a good time to have the battery cables checked. The battery cables can become corroded from battery acid and use and that can keep them from working correctly. The next item is the charging circuit.  The Technician will check this while he is working on the battery. This will help ensure that the alternator is working correctly to keep the battery charged. It could be the ignition switch is not working correctly. Like all mechanical parts they wear out and occasionally need to be replaced. The Technician can do testing to determine the need to replace the switch. Another device in the starting system is the engine starter. This mechanical device is powered by the battery to start the car’s engine and when that engine starts and is operating correctly, it will charge the battery and the engines charging system will keep all the other electrical components on your vehicle working. As you can see there are many issues that can effect whether your BMW will start or not.  Bring your car in for testing and diagnosis so we can determine what needs to be repaired to get your BMW starting correctly, the first time, every time!