The stop light finally turns green and you are trying to accelerate down the road in your BMW.  Then you notice there is a strange surging feeling coming from that amazing BMW engine, not like it normally performs. It feels like not all parts of that awesome BMW engine are working as they should be.  This could be an engine ‘misfire’ or also called an engine ‘miss’. So, what do you do? Usually, the terms “missing” or “misfire” refers to an incomplete combustion process inside one of the engine cylinders.  When this becomes really obvious, the driver probably feels a surging from the engine as it try’s to accelerate. If you are experience these issues, make an appointment to bring your BMW into Beyer Motor Works and let our certified trained BMW Technicians evaluate your engine miss problem.

Missing Or Misfire, Which One?

The ignition system issue is one of the most common reasons for an engine to misfire. As on all mechanical parts of any engine, the spark plugs, ignition cables, and ignition coil parts wear out over time. On older BMW vehicles, there are distributor caps and rotors that can cause engine misfires.  All of these important parts need to be working properly to transfer the needed power to the spark plugs to ignite the air-fuel mixture inside the combustion chambers of the engine to give you the power you need to get your Beemer safely down the road.

Other Possible Causes For Misfire

Sometimes an engine miss can be caused by an incorrect air-fuel mix ratio (too much air, too little fuel).  Since a BMW  engine needs a richer (more fuel) mixture for a smooth idle, this problem may be more noticeable when the vehicle is idling.

Mechanical Misfire

Mechanical problems can also cause an engine to misfire.  Common causes of a mechanical misfire could be worn piston rings, or intake and exhaust valves that need servicing.  There can be many internal parts of the engine that can contribute to an engine chugging or misfiring.

Some Easy Solutions

It could be as simple as replacing a fuel injector, or a part of the electrical system that controls the fuel injector system.  All these important parts are what enable the engine to make power and get your BMW safely down the road. Bring your BMW into Beyer Motor Works and let our certified technicians determine the engine problems.