BMWs are the most prized and high-class automobiles anyone can own throughout the entire globe. They are the gold standard of luxury vehicles on various factors such as aesthetics, craftsmanship, performance, and functionality.

Those who own a BMW are obviously inclined to take better care of it so that it runs smoothly and offers a peak level of performance at all times.

However, most BMW owners don’t really go for any car maintenance specialist, for that matter. They usually have one or two companies they consult with, such as Beyer Motor Works, for BMW engine repair and maintenance.

Since we are now in the summer season, we are sure you must be taking your BMW’s AC out for a spin to make sure it works in the hot weather that lies ahead. Below, we are going to mention a few signs that indicate your BMW’s AC might need repairing.

  • Low Cooling Capacity

One of the earliest and most detectable signs of knowing your BMW ac has malfunctioned is diminished cooling capacity. It isn’t very hard to notice your AC malfunctioning during a humid heatwave.

Sometimes, when there is too much humidity in the air, it is common for the AC to falter a little bit, but that shouldn’t become a regular thing. Most of the time, lower cooling capacity indicates that your AC needs servicing of its refrigerant.

  • Smelling A Weird Odor

If anytime you notice a weird smell emitting from your AC, then this is something that needs your immediate attention. Do not look over this fact and have your AC checked for maintenance asap.

AC’s don’t usually emit any odor, and if you smell something musty from your air conditioner’s cooling, then this could be a health risk for you and your passengers. This is usually caused when mold has grown inside of the system and can be easily taken care of.

  • Limited Air Flow

There is a filter placed inside your car’s AC so that it always blows out clean air to breathe in. if the airflow is facing some kind of obstruction or feels full of dirt and sand, then chances are your filter needs cleaning.

It is very common for debris to get stuck in a filter when you’re going on longer routes. As soon as you’re home, have your car thoroughly cleaned out.

  • Water Leaks Inside Your Car

Home air conditioners and car air conditioners work just the same. They both are prone to developing leakages, so when there is a leak inside your car, it is a cause of concern. However, car ac leaks aren’t that easy to detect and require specialized tools. Have your car run for routine maintenance, and ask a mechanic at Beyer Motor Works to search for any leaks.