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Over 25 years strong. Beyer Motor Works is the premier BMW/Mini Cooper car care and maintenance services center with two


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friendliness and the fairness

“I had a very positive experience working with the good folks at Beyer Motor Works. I took my 2009 Z4 in for a brake job as well as a few additional minor repairs and I met some very qualified professionals. They kept me well-informed of the repairs, explaining everything in excellent detail. They performed all repairs as promised with appropriate turnaround time. I appreciated the friendliness and the fairness of the price. They even gave me rides to and from my house! I would highly recommend Beyer Motor Works.”   – Bob Larkin

Excellent service

Excellent service inside and out. Everyone involved worked to fix my car at a fair price without just billing me. It was nice to be able to talk to them instead of just being told by a mechanic what “has” to be done. Thanks for all you did for me.”   – Phil McDonald

the best possible treatment.

“This is a GREAT place to take your new or classic BMW. Doug & Doug are very friendly and answered all my questions. The best part is that the Service Manager and most of the mechanics are BMW owners/enthusiasts so you know your car will receive the best possible treatment.”   – Irwin Daugherty


I brought my BMW Z4M with 169000 miles in for its due maintenance 2 inspection. They did everything to spec and found more repairs that were required. Their quality is evident the minute you drive off in your ride! The car drives like a dream!! TOP NOTCH QUALITY WORKMANSHIP!!! I own many other BMW’s and they are coming here for all service!!!”   -Martin Ercoline

Highly recommend Beyer Motor Works

I chose this shop based on their reputation and on the recommendation from a friend I trust – had my 2006 Z4M serviced and was very happy with their work. Competitive rates, skilled techs and the work was completed on time as quoted. Very good place to have your vehicle serviced. Highly recommend Beyer Motor Works.”   – Joseph Dawson


Owning a BMW or Mini Cooper involves a large investment on your part. That’s why you need a professional auto repair shop like Beyer Motor Works help you protect your investment. At Beyer Motor Works, our expert team knows how expensive and important your car is to you and we know your car’s needs – A to Z.

We can help you follow the factory-recommended maintenance schedule of your car and extend its lifespan in the process. Our expert auto technicians are committed to the safety and reliability of your BMW or Mini Cooper. That’s why you need to choose Beyer Motor Works as your preferred auto repair shop in AZ. Our expert team deals with all models of Mini Coopers and BMWs. Here are some of the many auto repair and maintenance services provided by Beyer Motor Works in Arizona.

Engine Repairs – BMWs and Mini Coopers are high-performance vehicles that are built to last. But even high-performance and durable vehicles like BMWs and Mini Coopers can run into engine problems from time to time. If your BMW or Mini Cooper has an engine issue, you should rely on a specialist auto repair shop like Beyer Motor Works to repair it.

Beyer Motor Works is a highly specialized auto repair shop for all models on BMWs and Mini Coopers. Our team provides the absolute best engine repair services in Arizona – which include inspecting all the components of the engine of your BMW or Mini Cooper, installing new spark plugs, replacing the fuel & air filters, full fuel system cleaning to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, smoke testing for air leaks, and many other engine services. Call Beyer Motor Works today to schedule an appointment to repair your BMW or Mini Cooper!

Transmission Repairs – Whether your vehicle has an automatic or manual transmission system, the expert auto technicians at Beyer Motor Works know how to fix all of your transmission issues. Our team will diagnose the actual problem with the transmission system of your vehicle and recommend the right solution. You can rest assured that our team will take care of all your BMW and Mini Cooper transmission issues.

Automatic transmission systems are popular in today’s BMWs and Mini Coopers. These vehicles are easy to drive and convenient. They shift gears automatically when you drive based on your RPM levels and vehicle weight. Even though auto transmission systems are convenient, they are quite complicated with all the components that go into the system. That’s why you need to rely on a trusted auto repair shop in Arizona when you have a transmission problem in your BMW or Mini Cooper. Beyer Motor Works is one of the best auto repair shops in the region.

Manual transmission systems are not that complicated like auto transmission systems. But you need a qualified technician to attend to whatever issue you have with your manual transmission BMW or Mini Cooper. If you are searching for a reliable transmission repair shop in Phoenix, AZ, you don’t have to look further than Beyer Motor Works. Call Beyer Motor Works today to schedule an appointment to repair your BMW or Mini Cooper!

Brake Repairs – Just imagine the number of times you use the brakes of your BMW or Mini Cooper even when driving a short distance! You need to be able to rely on the brakes of your vehicle when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones. You can’t take any chances when there is an emergency and you need to apply brakes. That’s why you need to rely on a trusted auto repair shop in Phoenix, AZ for all your brake maintenance and repair needs. Beyer Motor Works is a reliable partner when it comes to all types of brake repairs and maintenance work in your BMW or Mini Cooper. Call Beyer Motor Works today to schedule an appointment to repair your BMW or Mini Cooper!

Electrical Repairs – The battery, starter, and alternator are the three main components of the electrical system in your BMW or Mini Cooper. The electrical system of your BMW or Mini Cooper can be quite complicated. When you have an electrical problem in your car, you need to rely on the best auto repair shop in Arizona. Call Beyer Motor Works today to schedule an appointment to repair your BMW or Mini Cooper!


In 2000 we took our expertise to the next level and joined an International group of BMW service shops known as IAIBMWSP. IAIBMWSP’s purpose matched our own: the highest level of BMW repair and service. Since then IAIBMWSP has become the BIMRS organization. BIMRS is world renown for BMW training and the exchange of technical information. Members of this elite group connect online to develop an expanded wealth of expertise and knowledge that is second to none. Just 3 years later in 2003, Beyer Motor Works was proud to add Mini Cooper to the service line up. Mini Cooper shares a lot of its technology with its parent company BMW and is an exciting car in today’s market.

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