Mini Cooper owners love just about everything about the vehicle, but many point to is the enjoyable experience of driving this compact car. With the quality parts of any top tier vehicle put into a fun and adventure-ready vehicle body, the Mini Cooper runs smoothly and makes for a great drive. When things start to feel a little off, it is likely that issues may be coming from the need for a wheel alignment. If your Mini Cooper may need a wheel alignment, be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs.

Signs It Is Time For A Wheel Alignment For A Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Pulls to the Side

It’s hard to find a completely flat, straight road, even in rural areas of the country. A road’s curvature or shaping may be moving your Mini Cooper to one side or the other, but if flat parking lots even leave you needing to make major adjustments to your car’s direction, your Mini Cooper may need a wheel alignment. On a flat driveway or parking lot, drive slowly forward and see if the car pulls to the left or right. If so, it’s time to visit your automotive care specialist.

Mini Cooper Steering Wheel Shakes

A little bit of steering wheel shaking is normal, especially given the condition of the road. If a bumpy, overdue for repairs road is making your Mini Cooper wheel shake, it’s understandable. On smooth surfaces, however, it is not common for steering wheel shaking to be occurring. If the wheel starts to shake excessively, the vehicle is likely uneven and in need of a wheel alignment.

Mini Cooper Steering Wheel Emblem Off-Center

When driving straight, the Mini Cooper logo should sit center stage on the steering wheel, facing straight towards the road ahead. If tilted to one side or the other, this is a much more subtle sign than complete pulling to one direction or another that your car needs an alignment. Even if not noticeable while steering, an alignment is needed if the vehicle’s home direction is not directly right ahead. This is often noticeable before vehicle pulling, and can save some damage to things like rotors or axles.

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