How Does The Temperature Affect My Mini Cooper or BMW Engine?

How Does The Temperature Affect My Engine?

Owning a BMW, or a Mini Cooper is a lot of fun and a great experience. Just having the chance to cruise the roads in one of the many models of a BMW or a Cooper can be exciting. Whatever the make of your car, they all have an engine that makes power to move your car down the road. Many parts of your vehicle’s engine can get really hot when the outside temperature warms up. Just think about how the inside of the car feels when you open the cars door on a hot day. Now imagine how much hotter that engine area is. That is why car engines have a water cooling system to maintain the correct operating temperature.

Cooling Issues

Having an engine cooling issue is not something you need while making a road trip with family.  You don’t want to overheat when you are driving to the grocery store for supplies.  Even just going to work, these potential overheating problems can be avoided.  When the weather heats up, you want your vehicle to keep running cool.  Bring your car into Beyer BMW and Mini Cooper service shops. Let our trained, certified technicians check out these different engine cooling parts and provide solutions for doing preventative maintenance or needed repairs.


The fan belts on the engine, also known as serpentine belts on some vehicles, can be operating at a much higher temperatures than usual when the weather gets warmer. These higher temperatures can put extra strain on the engine cooling system.  I is be good to have this checked out before there is a problem. All these different belts, which are very important to your BMW or Cooper engines performance, help move parts of the engine in a coordinated motion to keep the engine operating as it is designed to.  Your cooling system can keep them working, even in hot weather.

When All Is Working Well

When these fan belts are working correctly, there is air conditioning available inside the car, the engine water pump is cooling the engine, and the battery is being charged by the alternator to operate all the electrical components in your vehicle. If you have any questions, bring your car into Beyer BMW and Mini Cooper service shops and let our certified technicians check your vehicle out before there is an engine cooling problem.