Driving is pretty standard for people with a fair amount of experience. From time to time, you might notice something feels a little off. Drivers should never second guess the feeling that something is wrong, especially when they’re the ones who use their car the most! For some issues, it’s easy to see what’s wrong. For example, if it’s time for an oil change, you’ll likely be able to tell by looking at the check engine light. With suspension issues, it’s a little harder to tell. It’s not safe to drive with a bad suspension, and here’s why you need to know the importance of this part of your car.

Bad Suspension is Bad News

A bad suspension is nothing to ignore. There are a lot of reasons to make sure your suspension is in top shape.

Pulling Tires or Steering Issues

If your steering is pulling or tires seem to want to favor one side of the road, it might be a bad suspension. In this case, you’ll want to get it fixed immediately. There are a ton of threats that come with steering issues. When your tires pull, that limits your ability to use your wheel to drive safely, as well as avoid danger. It’s nothing to scoff at; a bad suspension causing your tires to pull needs immediate attention.

Feeling Bumps – Every Single Time

Another sign that your suspension is going is feeling bumps more dramatically. Let’s say you hit a pothole – it’s normal to feel that, and your car will respond as such. If every single bump in the road leaves your car bumping up and down, almost like a bouncy ball, that’s a bad sign. Luckily, the answer is fairly simple. You’ll need to get your suspension fixed to avoid any further damage to your tires or shocks.

Dives and Rolls

When you hit the brakes, you may notice your car nose dives towards the road when your suspensions are going bad. That’s a good sign that the time of waiting for a solution is long gone. If it gets bad enough, your front bumper could literally hit the ground, and when your entire car sinks, your suspension becomes just one of the many issues you’ll have with your car.

Don’t worry if you find that you need to get your suspension repaired or replaced? It might sound stressful, but the experts at Beyer Motor Works can get your car back in perfect shape. Reach out today or stop by for our professionals to look at what’s going on with your vehicle!