It can be tough to pinpoint why your engine seems a little worse for wear, but in many cases, the fix can be quick and easy. One of the many repairs to an engine’s performance that are relatively straightforward is a walnut blasting, or more technically known as an intake cleaning. If your BMW is running below its peak performance you know as its owner, a walnut blasting may be in order to get your car back to its full capabilities.

What Calls for a Walnut Blasting?

In its simplest terms, a walnut blasting is meant to rid your engine of excess materials that may be restricting air flow. Like humans, your car, more or less, breathes as it runs. Air goes in and out of your engine, but unlike human lungs, your engine is not so great at exhaling the bad things and keeping the good. If too much of the bad stuff like carbon builds up in the engine, it can restrict air flow and force your vehicle to worker harder than its designed to, resulting in further damage. Luckily, the process of walnut blasting is straightforward and inexpensive. Taking your BMW to a mechanic for an intake cleaning can save you trouble down the road, so long as you stay diligent.

Symptoms of Engine Blockages

When you need a walnut blasting, there will likely be signs. For example, you may have noticed lately that it takes a little longer for your car to start. This is no chance of error; blockages of carbon buildup in your BMW engine can force your car to output more energy than normal. Over time, this extra wear on your engine can cause further problems, so if you have noticed slow start up times, it may be a call for walnut blasting. Likewise, if your check engine light is on, you may be in need of a walnut blasting. The only way to know for sure is to take it into an expert

What is a Walnut Blasting?

An intake cleaning, or walnut blasting as it is commonly referred to, is the process of using an air compressor to blast crushed walnut shells into your engine to allow the shells to break up and built up junk that may be restricting your engine’s air flow. To get an expert intake cleaning, the team at Beyer can get your BMW backup to top notch performance. Don’t hesitate; engine build up can turn into worse issues, so get your walnut blasting at Beyer today if you feel like it may be halting your car’s performance.