Any vehicle requires routine maintenance, but for a high quality vehicle like a BMW, it’s even more crucial. For most cars, waiting for something to go wrong is not a great routine to get into. Things like oil changes, fluid flushes, and filter changes are required to keep a vehicle from experiencing any sort of problems. Despite many car owners not really knowing how a transmission runs, it is an integral part of a BMW’s quality of life. Servicing a transmission is important to keeping a BMW up to its high quality, but when does servicing need to take place?

Troublesome Signs with a BMW Transmission

BMWs are high class cars, and that means transmission issues are far from common. The parts inside of a BMW are designed to run as efficiently as possible to live up the high quality name. That being said, servicing a transmission is not option with any vehicle. When these troubles start to show signs, it signals to the BMW owner that it’s time to get some service done on the vehicle.

Discolored Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is red when it is placed inside a BMW, and a great way to check on the health of your transmission is to note whether or not any discoloration is occurring. When the fluids start to turn brown, that is a telltale sign that a little check up on the transmission is in order. Luckily, it’s probably just a flush and fluid replacement, but it does mean that a little tidying is needed before issues start to occur.

Burning Scent and Bad Sounds Coming from BMW

The scent of burnt rubber is never a good sign, unless maybe you’re a racecar driver going 200+ mph on a speedway. For a BMW owner, a burnt rubber smell coming from the transmission is a signal for service. Check to make sure the scent is not coming from the tires first, and then takes your BMW in to get things straightened out. The scent might not be there, but maybe some buzzing is coming from under the hood. This is also a sign for a service checkup to make sure things are top notch.


When shifting gears, some BMW owners note that things feel a bit stiff, or maybe a red flashing light has popped up recently. A common reason for this is overheating in the transmission. Outdated and old fluid can be the cause of this, and that means a servicing is in order.   To get transmission work done on your BMW, whether it’s a simple fluid fill up or major work, Beyer Motor Works is here to help keep your prized possession running smoothly.