DIY Tips for your BMW

DIY tips for your BMW…..Is that possible?

Are you one of the Do It Yourselfers, also known as a DIY, that checks for a YouTube Vid to see if you can fix it yourself?  Most of us know that for serious repairs, it’s best to consult your trusted BMW repair shop.

But what about regular stuff? Replacement BMW parts can be costly but they will last longer if you perform some basic regular maintenance. There are a few things you can do at home for little issues before they become big problems.

Here are some suggestions that you can do yourself that can save you time, headaches and money. But if you have any concerns, make an appointment and let our trained technicians take care of your car.

Top DIY Procedures you can do yourself for BMW Car Maintenance

Most car problems are less expensive to fix if they are detected early. If you are going to keep to a schedule and check these items, this can save you money.

Check Air Pressure In your Tires

You can check this at home with your own tire pressure device. Check for the recommended pressure for your car in the BMW manual. It is a good idea to also check tread depth.

Check Lights Regularly

Burned out tail lights or head lights are a safety issue.  Sometimes there is a light on your dash to signify which directional light is not operating correctly. Keep in mind, some vehicles have headlights or taillights that are more accessible than others.

Check Your Fluids Regularly

You should check your fluids by checking the dip sticks and the overflow tanks to make sure they are at optimum levels.  You could also check the garage floor (or under where you park) to make sure you don’t have any obvious leaks.

Consult your car’s user manual for the correct type of fluid replacement. Red or pink drips usually means transmission or power steering fluid, while green usually signifies coolant. Brown usually means oil.

Change a Flat Tire

If find yourself stranded somewhere with a flat tire often it is quicker to just install your spare tire instead of waiting for roadside assistance. Remember to use proper safety precautions, put your hazard lights on and pull as far off the road as you can.

For the bigger repairs, such as an Oxygen sensor or an Air filter that needs replacement, we have certified trained technicians that can do the work quickly and get you back on the road again..

We are here for you, and your car.