BMW Blower Fan Motor

The interior of your BMW or Mini Cooper is an amazing place to hang out, even without driving down the road. But if you are driving, it is much more enjoyable when the inside of the car is cool and comfortable in the summer or nice and warm in the cool months of the year.

Blower Fan Motor

All of that cool air or warm comfortable air is controlled by a Blower Fan Motor that moves the air inside the cabin area of your BMW or Mini Cooper. By the way, the “Cabin” is where you and your passengers are sitting inside the car.

In addition to being comfy in your Beemer, during the rainy cool times of the year it is important to have the windows on your vehicle to be defrosted and clear so that you can get safely to your destination.

As it is with all mechanical parts, sometimes these components wear out and need repair or replacement for them to operate correctly.

Blowers Move Both Cold And Warm Air

Pretty much all cars have a blower motor to move the cold or warm air around the inside of the car. One of the more common parts to stop working on a fan blower is called a Fan Blower Resistor. This electrical part helps control the different speeds of the blower which also controls the amount of air coming out of the vents and on the interior windows.

Indications Of A Problem

Some indicators of a fan motor problem that you might notice are the fan blower works on one speed, of course usually only the low speed. Sometimes the fan might only work on another speed which could mean you’re either roasting or freezing as you’re driving.  Occasionally the blower fan doesn’t work at all.

If you are experiencing any of these issues bring your BMW or Mini Cooper to a qualified repair shop for service. The more symptom information you can provide the better for the technicians the quicker they can make a correct evaluation. We want to get you quickly and comfortably back on the road.